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2nd Update on the IPW

Dear IPW-1 Participant,

As you may know by now, AIAA has officially announced that the 2021 Aviation Forum will be an all virtual event.  Furthermore, AIAA has also re-scheduled the virtual event for 2-6 August 2021.  This means that our Ice Prediction Workshop will be conducted as a virtual-only event hosted by AIAA.  The new dates for the virtual only workshop are 27-28 July 2021.  AIAA is currently working on updates to the Aviation Forum website to incorporate these changes.  The remainder of this letter provides more updates and information.

  • COMPARISON STANDARDS: We have posted a new document to the website describing the standards for comparison of simulation results to the experimental data.  This document also contains requirements for computational results to be submitted to the committee.  We will use the submitted results to perform code-to-code comparisons to be presented at the workshop.
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: As noted above, the new workshop dates of 27-28 July 2021 allow for more time to complete simulations.  The new deadline for participants to submit computational results to the committee is 14 May 2021.  This deadline allows for the committee to review the data and complete comparison plots for the workshop.
  • SURVEY: Please complete our short workshop survey here.  The purpose of this survey is to collect information from you regarding your ability to complete the test cases and submit results to the organizing committee.  This information will be used to determine the duration and the agenda for the workshop.
  • TOWN HALL MEETING: Stay tuned for details regarding an upcoming “Town Hall Meeting” for all participants.  The purpose of this meeting is to have some dialog between you and the organizing committee.  We would like to take questions and suggestion to improve the workshop for everyone.

Thanks again for your participation in this activity,

IPW-1 Organizing Committee.


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