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Updates on data submission, processing, and workshop agenda

Dear IPW2 Participant,

Here are the latest updates:

  • DATA SUBMISSION: We encourage participants to submit data, past the April 18 deadline.  Your data will be included, if time and circumstances allow. 
  • UPDATED POST PROCESSING FILES: The following updates are available on the IPW2 website:
    • The new MCCS tool corrects the following problems: (1) add the ‘-angle’ option to be consistent with the command line stated in ‘IP2_Data_submission_clarificationV2.pdf’ and (2) correct the Tecplot error: ‘tecplot.exception.TecplotLogicError: Plot Type must be Cartesian3D to creat a slide’ when running with the workshop’s grids.
  • <caseN_participantName_cutData.dat> has been updated to specify the optional variables (ice coordinates).
  • WORKSHOP AGENDA: We are working on an agenda for the in-person workshop on June 23.  A preliminary agenda will be provided in May, after we perform an initial assessment of your submitted data.

Thank you for your participation in this activity,

IPW2 Organizing Committee.


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