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Dear IPW2 Participant,

We have made several updates to the IPW2 website.  Please read the details below:

TOWN HALL MEETING: A recording of the Town Hall meeting on April 4, 2023 is available on the IPW2 website.  You will also find copies of the presentations that include:

  • IPW-2 schedule and milestones
  • Process for submitting data
  • Updated test case information
  • Participant survey results
  • Participant permissions to share and archive presentations
  • Update data processing guidelines and sample data file input formats

DATA SUBMISSION CLARIFICATIONS: Additional information for the data submission of participant results with example files.

TEST CASES and EXPERIMENTAL DATA: Now available for the RG-15 airfoil low-speed icing cases are the 3D scans and MCCS data files.

Thank you for your participation in this activity,

IPW2 Organizing Committee.


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