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Updates and participant survey

As we approach the April 1 data submission deadline, there are many updates to pass along.  Therefore, please read this entire letter.

  • WORKSHOP REGISTRATION:  There is no separate registration for the workshop this year.  SAE is including the workshop as a part of the International Icing Conference registration.  The in-person only workshop is scheduled for June 23, 2023.  (
  • TEST CASES and EXPERIMENTAL DATA: The test case description document was updated on February 23 with additional information for the CRM65 hybrid model cases. More experimental surface pressure data and ice accretion data for the CRM65 Midspan and Inboard model cases is available on the IPW website. (
  • DATA POST-PROCESSING SCRIPTS: The organizing committee has developed procedures and PyTecplots scripts to use in post-processing your simulation results.  These scripts are now available for download on the IPW website.  If you do not have a license, Tecplot has agreed to provide free, temporary licenses to be used only for the Ice Prediction Workshop.  To receive a free temporary Tecplot license, please complete the survey described below.
  • PARTICIPANT SURVEY:  Please complete this survey as soon as possible.  This is important information that is used to determine the numbers of cases being run by all participants and which participants will need access to a Tecplot license.  The survey results will help us to plan an agenda for the workshop.

Thank you for your participation in this activity,

IPW2 Organizing Committee.


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