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6th Update on Workshop, Registration and Submission

Dear IPW-1 Participant,

Here are some friendly reminders regarding the approaching workshop deadlines:

  • DATA SUBMISSION: Thank you for all of the data uploaded to date.  The cut-off date is 21 June 2021.  You may upload data after 21 June 2021, however, there is no guarantee that your data will be included in the workshop if submitted after this date.
  • WORKSHOP AGENDA: The draft agenda currently includes time for discussions at the end of each daily session.  We will release the draft agenda near the end of this month.  The amount of time allocated to each presenter will depend, in part, on how many participants submit their data by 21 June 2021.
  • WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS: We request that you submit a draft copy of your presentation by 23 July 2021.  We also request that you submit the final version of your presentation by 5 August 2021.  We intend to post all final presentations on the workshop website.  Therefore, the content must be approved for public release by your organization.  Both draft and final presentation may be submitted in the same way as your data.
  • WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: Thank you to those who have already registered.  You must register for the workshop with AIAA in order to attend.  The registration fee is $99 USD for AIAA members and $199 USD for non-members.  Here is a link to the registration page:

Please try to complete your registration by Friday, 23 July 2021.

Thank you for your participation in this activity,

IPW-1 Organizing Committee.


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