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3rd Updates and Townhall Meeting

Dear IPW-1 Participant,

Here are more updates and information on the upcoming workshop.

  • COMPARISON STANDARDS: We have updated the data comparison document with new information (see charts 8-10).  The updated document is available here.
  • DATA SUBMISSION FORMAT AND UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Sample data submission files have uploaded to the website here.  The file “README.Instructions.txt” provides details information regarding how to upload your data.
  • DATA EXTRACTION FOR COLLECTION EFFICIENCY CASES: Tecplot-format surface wrap data files are provided here to interpolate Cp and collection efficiency from the grids provided by the committee.  These are line data files with X Y Z corresponding to the grid coordinates incorporating any angle of attack already built-in, S representing the surface wrap distance centered at the highlight of each component, X/C for the horizontal tail and X-body for the nacelle cuts to make Cp plotting more convenient for the participants.  X, Y, Z, and S are stored in meters.  Please note that positive S is on the pressure side of the three element airfoil and the horizontal tail, and the inner side of the axial nacelle.

    If using Tecplot to interpolate onto these data sets, we suggest using “inverse-distance” interpolation method with “Nearest N” option using 2 points.  Linear interpolation can result in 0 values if the wrap line point falls slightly outside of the volumetric elements.
  • EXPERIMENTAL DATA UPDATES: An error was found in the experimental pressure coefficient files for Cases 241, 242, 251 and 252.  The updated files are available here.
  • TOWN HALL MEETING: We were finally able to schedule the Town Hall Meeting.  The date is Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 11:00-noon Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4).  Our intent is to record this meeting and post it to the website for asynchronous viewing.

Here is the recording.

  • Welcome
  • Motivation for the Ice Prediction Workshop
  • Overview of cases
  • Schedule
  • How to submit results
  • Questions/Answers

Thanks again for your participation in this activity,

IPW-1 Organizing Committee.


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